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Solar System Links

Products for the ATMer

Recommended reading

Inspirational Sites


NASA JPass Satellite tracking and information

Jets Observing The Skys - Thanks to the kids at Morrow Community Center for this link!

A View of Outer Space from Your Window' - thanks to Candace for sending this link to us!

The Sky This Month


Solar System Links:

Space Telescope Science Institute (NASA and AURA/STScI)
Hubble Space Telescope Images

NASA's Planetary Photojournal

Views of the Solar System

The Nine Planets


Sky Surveillance - A Trip Through the Solar System (Thanks to the kids at Colonial Academy and Linda Fuller)


Products for the ATMer:

Mike Pendeltons’ Dry Eye Anti-Dew system:

Superb Mirrors from Swayze Optical:

Island Eyepiece Internet Astronomy Store

Great Spiders and Focusers by Gary’s Wolanski:

Great Focusers ( and other great products) from JMI:


Recommended reading:

NightWatch ( Terence Dicknson)

The Backyard Astronomers Guide (Terence Dicknson)

Making Your Own Telescope (Richard Berry)

The Dobsonian Telescope (David Kriege, Richard Berry)

 The Modern Dobsonian (Tom Clarke)

Amateur Telescope Making Books 1 2 & 3(Scientific American)
These are out of print. I found my set at a used book store.
They are dated but a terrific source of information and inspiration.

Amateur Astronomy Magazine (The back issues are a great investment)

Sky and Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine


Inspirational Sites for the ATMer:

The Gary Wolansky Telescope Projects

Ed Stewart's AstroDesigns Site

Mel Bartels' Homepage

Ray Cache-Le Pennec

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