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Since the beginning of time, humans have gazed up into the sky in awe of its depth and  mystery. We have marveled at the moon and wondered at the stars. More recently, some of us have seen the rings of Saturn through a small telescope while others have peered into the deepest reaches of space using larger telescopes and CCD cameras to reveal some of the most beautiful sites in all of creation.

Four hundred years ago, Italian philosopher and astronomer Giordano Bruno proposed that the stars were in fact distant suns like our own and suggested that planets orbited most of these distant suns. Outraged by these heresies, the Catholic Church had Giordano burned at the stake. Even as late as 1995, many scientists were hesitant to concede the existence of planets outside of our solar system. Since then, there have been many new planets discovered orbiting distant suns. We also know that the number of new planets discovered can only increase dramatically as the technology we use to detect them improves. Giordano was right. He had vision and the courage to bring his theories to light even though they contradicted every belief common to his time.

Giordano, the universe is indeed full of planets!

The intent of Synaptic Sky is to focus on space, the sciences associated with its research and publish this information in a way that is easily understood. Our goal is to do all we can to provide you with information designed to help you learn and keep you informed about space and the treasures it holds.

Some of the areas we intend to cover include:

Learning to Navigate the Sky 
Telescope Basics and Observing Tips
The Solar System
Wonders of Deep Space (nebulas, galaxies, star clusters)
Extra-Solar Planets

Along with the development of the site, we intend to publish features on these topics as well as some probing articles on the state of the sciences and the immerging technologies that will impact these sciences.

From a product perspective, Synaptic Sky intends to develop curriculum supplements aimed at grade 6 to 10 levels. We are also in the midst of researching the possible development of some small telescopes in kit form.

In the years that follow, many new discoveries await our species. These are thrilling times for astronomers and for space exploration. We at Synaptic Sky are very excited about these developments and look forward to being one of your favorite bookmarks on the wondrous field of astronomy.


Gil Namur
Synaptic Systems Inc.

P.S. You can now access this site using www.synapticsky.com


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